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Africa is known for her vast and diverse culture. From the East region filled with the best animal species to the west region with her mineral resources. Amidst this beautiful continent is a wide range of culture and food. We have  developed a taste center for your savoring quest . Our variety of African dishes and inviting ambience will lure you to an adventure.


Africa can heal the world with her delectable dishes filled with herbs and spices that are known for their powerful medicinal values.


At Da PoinT lounge, there’s an endless showcase of different African dishes from a host of African countries . Our experienced and skillful chefs will treat you to an amazing explosion of your taste buds while enjoying fusion dishes from our kitchen.


Welcome to Afro Grill Fusion powered by Da PoinT Lounge. We are committed to letting you have the best Taste of Africa and will keep the food tasting series from country to country flowing in years to come.


Be Afro strong! Eat Afro grill fusion.

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